What to do after the police arrest someone

Getting arrested can be very nerve-wracking and confusing. The first thing you should know after the Police Arrest Someone is that you do not have to answer any question that the police ask you and everything you say can and will be used against you. You should never talk about your case with anyone except a lawyer and no one but a lawyer can give you legal advice. Keep this in mind while reading, it’s very important!

Police Arrest Someone

Top 5 things to do after the Police Arrest Someone

1. Talk to a Lawyer after the Police Arrest Someone:

When the Police Arrest Someone they will take you to a police station. At the police station, a lawyer from Legal Aid (free) or a criminal lawyer (not free) will visit you and try to explain your rights to you. They will recommend that you hire them as your lawyer immediately. If you can prove to the police or crown attorney (the prosecutor) that you could not afford a lawyer, the court will appoint one for you.

2. Your Rights:

Police Arrest Someone

You have the right to remain silent and you must clearly tell the police officer that you do not wish to speak to them. If they ask about anything else, you do not have to answer their questions. You can choose whether or not you want a lawyer present for this conversation and it is very important that you understand your rights before answering any questions. 

Do not speak until the police officer finishes asking their questions and gives you a chance to consult with a lawyer….. that is the 1st step after the Police Arrest Someone.

3. Do not agree with anything written on your record:

When the Police Arrest Someone, they have ways of recording things so they put what happened in their own words. You should read this carefully and make sure that they are writing down everything correctly. If they wrote something that is not true, you can tell them to change it by telling the police officer in front of witnesses (one or more people who will say in court that you told the police officer to change his/her record) what really happened and how it should be written. If the police officer refuses to change it, you should ask for a copy of your record and make your own notes on it or circle or highlight anything that is not true.

Police Arrest Someone

4. Do not speak with anyone involved:

Until after your trial, you cannot discuss your case with anyone involved including the Crown attorney or the police officer. This includes talking to friends or family members about what happened before or after the Police Arrest Someone. If this information gets back to the police officer it could be used against you in court so please do not speak about your case until after your day in court.

5.   Pay Bail Bonds:

Sometimes after the Police Arrest Someone you are given the opportunity to post bail, do it as soon as possible. Bail is just like a security deposit that you put down so if you show up for your trial then the Crown attorney will return your money. If you do not show up then they will keep this money to pay for flight fares or hotel rooms if they have to go looking for you. If your case goes to trial, this money will be used as a fine so please make sure that you show up on time.

This means that you will have to promise (give an assurance) that you will show up in court on the day your trial is scheduled and also that you will not do anything illegal until after your trial. You may be able to pay a security deposit instead of using a bail bond, but this is usually more expensive and requires some paperwork.

Police Arrest Someone

-How to get a Bondsman:

If you are not sure how to find a bail bondsman, just ask around. If you do not know anyone then call up your local police department and ask who they would recommend after the Police Arrest Someone. Once you contact a bail bondsman then all you have to do is provide them with information about yourself, your address, and your phone number. They will also ask for payment which can be done by debit card or money order.

If you have to go to court the next day, the bail bondsman will probably only have a few hours to get this money back to the police department. If your case is far from being over or if it lasts longer than one day, they may require additional repayment so please ask them about this before making a deal.

-Why should I get a bail bond?

You should get a bail bond because it will save you money. If you do not have to use your security deposit then the only thing that could happen is if this money is kept in an interest-free account so you can still use this for emergencies.

If your case lasts longer than expected, the bail bondsman may ask for more money but this must be discussed with them before anything is set in stone. As long as you pay the bail bond then your trial will take place on the next court date.

-What happens if you don’t pay the bond?

This depends on the bail bondsman you are working with. The good news is that they can charge interest so when you finally do come back to court, this money will be significantly lower than what it was before. If you pay the bond directly to the police then there may be additional fees but these differ from state to state so please ask about this.

After the Police Arrest Someone, if you fail to show up for court or if you are found to be in possession of drugs, a gun or anything illegal then your bail money will be used as payment for these offenses. If you do not show up for court and your bail money was secured then the court can file a warrant against you to find you and keep this money as payment.

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